If you’re seeking a grant, please consider which of these opportunities best suits your program.
  • Large grants: Cycle opens in January, closes in February. Recipients notified by end of April.
  • School grants: Cycle opens in April, closes June 1. Accredited schools are welcome to apply. School districts can receive up to $10,000; school district is eligible for 1 or more grants if its projects are selected for funding.
  • J. William and Mary Helen Straker wrote these words when they launched the J.W. & M.H. Straker Chartable Foundation, and our administration and board of trustees align with that spirit in all our dealings. The Foundation enthusiastically supports activities that allow students to broaden their sites through travel, training, and experience. It’s importance to us, too, though, that students have what our President and Executive Director Susan Holdren calls “some skin in the game.” Before granting schools and youth organizations funding for high school field trips, conference attendance in other cities, and sports, arts, and academic camps for student group, we’ll ask, “What have the students done toward fund-raising? How much money have they earned?” If the students and their advisors have diligently worked toward earning at least a portion of the funds needed, our Foundation will be glad to hear more about their project and their needs. Please feel free to contact us.

Applying for a grant in one cycle does not preclude applying in another. However, major award winners may be asked not to reapply for a set period.

Grant requests for construction or equipment over $50,000 require 3 bids. Please contact us with any questions.

We are not currently accepting any grant requests.

The next grant cycle with open in January 2024. We won’t be having a fall cycle this year.