If you’re seeking a grant, please consider which of these opportunities best suits your program.
  • Spring grants: Cycle opens in February, closes in March. Recipients notified by end of June.
  • School summer grants: Cycle opens end of May, closes September 1. Accredited schools and nonprofit educational programs are welcome to apply. Grants are capped at $4,000; school district is eligible for two grants if its projects are selected for funding.
  • Fall Grants: Cycle opens end of August, closes end of September. This is a small grant cycle, with grants for specific goals. For instance, in 2022, organizations can request a small capital grant fund, a grant to establish an emergency fund, or a project/program grant.

Applying for a grant in one cycle does not preclude applying in another. However, major award winners may be asked not to reapply for a set period.

We are not currently accepting any grant requests.